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Sagrada Madre

Palo Santo and Myrrh Sacred Geometry Incense (Sagrada Madre)

Palo Santo and Myrrh Sacred Geometry Incense (Sagrada Madre)

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Palo Santo and Myrrh Sacred Geometry Incense For Purification and Cleansing

Energetic pyramid for smudging: Symbol of fire, ancient divine geometry of the human race. Connector between the celestial and earthly worlds, power from the sun, energy of  life, transformation and conductor of cosmic energies. This pyramid also contains pure myrrh, providing its' great transmutation power. The pyramidal shape carries our energy or request to the four cardinal points of universal space, transforming and materializing divine love on earth, home and in life.

Made with holywood , myrrh resin,  plant base binder, carbon and salt.




4 pcs Trianglar Incense

Aroma Notes

Calm and healing Palo Santo with balsamic, slightly spicy and slightly smoky myrrh aroma.

Burning Time

Approximately 30 mins (Per Triangle)


Exterior: Approximately 100 x 40mm



Care information

・After igniting the tip of incense, extinguish the flame and let the smoke smoulder.
・Use in areas with good ventilation.
・If you experience allergy, please stop
immediately and seek for medical help.
・Please seek for professional advice
before use during pregnancy and
・Set the incense after igniting on the incense stand made of non-combustible material.
・Please use a plate that holds the ash under the incense stand.
・To prevent fire and serious injury: Burn it within sight.
・Do not use near flammable materials or in windy places.
・Even if the smoke disappears, the fire may remain. Handle with care. Make sure the fire is totally gone before disposal.
・Keep out of reach of children.

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