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In Japanese means an empty space, dimension and time as well. We hope that everyone may finds a space and time that belongs to their own body and mind in daily life. Regardless of the size of that space or the length of time. You will realize that life needs some "MA(ま)" to give yourself a room of fresh air and imagination.

Incense Sticks

High quality incense sticks from all around the World made by natural... 

Florihana Essensial Oil

Florihana was born in 1993 from the marriage of 2 cultures; the... 

Tree Resins

Wide range high quality of tree resins from all around the world.... 

Explore your real own SPACE and TIME.

  • Sight

    Light an incense stick or a resin and watch the movement of the smoke, calm our busy mind.

    See It! 
  • Smell

    Enjoy the natural scent of the resins and incense sticks, release our stressful body and mind.

    Smell It! 
  • Touch

    Have a bath with the Japanese Onsen bath salt , enjoy the temperature and movement the water.

    Touch It! 
  • Hearing

    Lisen to white noise and nature sounds, reconnect our bodies and minds to the healing nature.

    Hear It! 
  • Taste

    Make a cup of coffee, relax ourselves with the long and complex finish in the mouth.

    Taste It!