Collection: Kousaido

Kousaido is a Japanese incense maker based in Kyoto which was founded in 1994 born out of the concept of “colouring your life with incense.” 

Japanese incense sticks are the most beautiful incense sticks with centuries-old ingenuity. Made in Japan.Until today, the incense sticks produced in Japan are still of the highest quality in the world. The scent is fresh and elegant, calming and refreshing, relaxing and sleeping.

Kousaido will deliver the atmosphere created by the ancient city from Kyoto, where you can feel the nature of the four seasons and the culture created by ancient people and inherited to this day. With the theme of "Aroma, healing and moisture in daily life", we will help you to create a comfortable time and space.

For all their incense, traditional sandalwood is used as the base. A wide range of scents are layered together with the sandalwood, creating a mellow aroma out of more characteristically sharp scents.

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