About Us

間 MA.KET - Explore your real own SPACE。TIME.

We introduce products to explore your real own space and time. In order to reconnect with your bodies, reconnect with the sensations of the present moment, and better understand the gift of life.

ま - Pronounced as "MA" in Japanese. It means an "Empty space" and "Dimension". The Chinese character means "Time" as well. Modern life revolves around the word "busy", busy with work, busy with household chores, and even busy with parties, fun and enjoyment. Most of the time, our body and mind are disconnected or even separated with the present moment. The body is doing one thing, but the mind is still in a trance with the thoughts of the past or the future. Always forgetting the present is your real life, and ignoring the nature and things around you, such as the warmth of the sun, the colour of the plants, the sounds from insects and birds, the flow of air through the nasal cavity, the movement of food in the taste buds, etc.

間 MA.KET is just an anxious nobody who lives in today's stressful society. We have no religion or school who is eager for a simple and basic life. We just simply share some interests, hobbies and living preferences, etc. So that we can connect our bodies and mind with the present, and explore our own dimension and time. We hope that everyone will also try to find an empty space and time that belongs to their own body and mind in daily life. Regardless of the size of that space or the length of time. You will realise that life needs some "MA(ま)" to give yourself a room of fresh air and imagination.