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Owl Incense Burner/ Plate/ Holder (Shoyeido)

Owl Incense Burner/ Plate/ Holder (Shoyeido)

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Shoyeido Incense Burner/ Plate/ Holder Collection

The cute figures of animals living in the forest are made into an incense burner. Please spend a relaxing time with your favorite scent. Incense that can be used with a ceramic incense holder : Cone and Stick. 

This incense burner may have iron powder (black spots), missing glaze, or flaking as a characteristic of its expression. The powder that draws out a gentle expression may be whitish, slightly reddish, or slightly greyish depending on the time. It is not a defective product, so please use it with confidence. 
In addition, there are some hand-drawn parts. There are some differences one by one. *Please handle with care as this item is fragile. Please be careful not to move the incense burner after lighting the incense


(Height/maximum diameter) Approximately 90mm x 105mm



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