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Kousaido Fragrance Stick Diffuser - Musk Home Diffuser

Kousaido Fragrance Stick Diffuser - Musk Home Diffuser

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A fragrant wood diffuser that faithfully reproduces incense ingredients that have been handed down since ancient times and is modernly blended with a unique manufacturing method. A captivating scent of sweetness and sourness. ~What is musk?~ It is the dried reproductive secretions of musk deer males that live in China, the Himalayas, Tibet, etc. When diluted, it has a unique fragrance. Since ancient times, it has been used not only as an incense ingredient but also as a herbal medicine.

Aroma Note

Distinctive musk aroma with a fascinating and slightly sweet musk aroma.

Net Volumn

40 ml

How To Use

1. Please read the precautions carefully before use.
2. Remove the bottle containing the fragrance liquid (hereinafter referred to as the inner solution) and the rattan stick from the box.
3. Remove the lid of the jar, insert the rattan stick into the mouth of the jar and soak it in the solution.
4. Wait for about a day until the inner solution soaks into the rattan stick.



Care information

・This product is a fragrance diffuser for indoor fragrance. Do not use it for anything other than its intended purpose.
・Be sure to use and store the bottle with the mouth (cap part) facing up in a stable, horizontal place with no wind.
・Store and use away from fire, direct sunlight, and high temperatures.
・Store and use out of reach of children and pets.
・This product is not food. Please be careful not to accidentally put the inner solution and accessories in your mouth.
・Please be careful when handling the glass bottle and the solution inside, and be careful not to break it or spill the liquid.
・Be careful not to allow the internal solution to adhere to surrounding objects such as clothes, furniture, lighting fixtures, floors, carpets, and plants. If it adheres, coloring, discoloration, deterioration, etc. may be seen depending on the material. In the unlikely event that it adheres, please wipe it off immediately according to the material.
・Should the liquid adhere to your skin, wash it off with soap, and if it gets in your eyes or mouth, wash it off immediately with water. If you have any problems, please consult your doctor.
・Avoid using near precision instruments such as personal computers, televisions, and other valuables.
・Depending on the usage environment, the inner solution may change colour or the fragrance component may precipitate, but this does not affect the quality.

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