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Florihana - Neroli Organic Essential Oil

Florihana - Neroli Organic Essential Oil

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The Neroli Organic Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium) is certified organic, 100% pure and natural. It is obtained by steam distillation of the flower. This plant is cultivated in Morocco.

This organic essential oil is a HEBBD oil (Botanically and Biochemically Defined Essential Oil). This product is classified as a natural aroma.

Biochemical Profile

45% Linear monoterpene
40% Alcohol monoterpene
4% Linear sesquiterpene
3% Alcohol sesquiterpene
8% Esters

Aroma Notes

Fresh, floral, sweet


100% Organic Ingredients



Care information

1 to 2 drops maximum (do not exceed 2%).

Precautions for the use of essential oils :

• The use of essential oils is not recommended with children, pregnant or lactating women, elderly persons or persons which are suffering from chronic diseases.

• Do not use essential oils in intravenous or intramuscular injections.

• Never apply essential oils directly on mucous membranes, nose, eyes, auditory canal, etc.

• For people with allergic tendency systematically perform an allergy test before use Never heat up an essential oil for diffusion.

Flavourings are chemical substances that are not consumed on their own, but are added to foods to give them a specific taste or smell.

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