Collection: Imperial and Premium Kyoto Incense

Kousaido Imperial Incense

Imperial Incense is one of the best quality incense stick series of Kousaido. By the use of high-quality, rare and precious raw materials such as agarwood, kyara, white sandalwood, musk and ambergris etc to create this noble and unique series. The scent of incense has an effect on the inner anxiety, anger, tension, and nervousness of a person's mind, and gives a calm and refreshing feeling like after meditating. 

Kousaido Premium Kyoto Incense

Premium Kyoto Incense is a high-grade incense sticks mixed with a unique manufacturing method by Kousaido.Made with carefully selected raw materials, mainly using high-quality white sandalwood as the base. 3 different incense sticks perfectly bring out the most popular nice scents- woody, floral and sweetness.